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Template Files in Autoconfig

If you are reading Autoconfig post on this site read my previous post to understand about Autoconfig

 Autoconfig basics

What is Autoconfig ?
Autoconfig is tool in Apps to configure oracle Applications 11i , Application Tier as well Database Tier.

How to run Autoconfig ?
If you want to configure database tier then you have to execute autoconfig script adautocfg.sh on database tier else if you want to configure on application tier (Middle Tier ) then you have to execute one on middle tier .

Here is the script location
For Database tier its $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME
For Application Tier its $OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME

adautocfg.sh calls adconfig.sh from $AD_TOP/bin which inturn calls adconfig.pl from $AD_TOP/bin

Don't forget to take backup before executing autoconfig.

What source of information for Autoconfig to update configuration files ?
If you are wondering where is configuration information stored about your apps 11i instance based on which it updates your Instance then this file is xml file also called as Context file and its in $APPL_TOP/admin for Application Tier or $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil in Database Tier

I am going to unwrap this xml / context file which is most important file . If you get a chance open this file & go through it so wait for my next post on Context File Contents with explanation & how to put your customization so that Autoconfig can't overwrite them ..

 Unwrapping Autoconfig Config file, XML file or Context File

By now you might be aware that parameters used to configure oracle Applications 11i are stored in XML file of format SID_HOSTNAME.xml in $APPL_TOP/admin directory. I have seen that most of Apps DBA's are scared of executing Autoconfig or Context file (Believe me even I was in start that was way back in 2004) but if you know parameters associated with context file & if you are sure that its set correctly set you should not be worried about executing Autoconfig ( Even still you are not convinced take a back up of File System & execute it ).

I am going to discuss how well this xml file is configured & what are different tags in xml file & few important tags which will be helpful to you in understanding your oracle Applications from Apps DBA perspective .

So xml file also called as context file or autoconfig configuration file stores configuration in these main tags for Application Tier
oa_context : For Start of Context file & context related information
oa_system : System related information under this there are further sections which I'll discuss in next post
oa_host : Information specific to local hosts like users, groups, Apps User, Groups..
oa_install : Installation related information like type of FS, Installation Location
oa_environments : environment specific information this tag has further subsections
oa_processes : this section is related to processes for forms, apache, reports, cm i.e. for all services
oa_custom : This section contain any custom setting (If any)
I'll explain subsections under this main section in my coming posts & few important parameters

Now lets understand how Autoconfig populate/creates files , In order to understand whole process you as apps dba need to understand template files under each product top or tech stack directory in oracle Applications 11i.

These template directory are under each top as well as under $FND_TOP/admin/template . In order to explain here I am taking example on how Apache (Oracle Web Server) related files are created when you run Autoconfig.

If you go to $FND_TOP/admin/template directory, all template files related to iAS ORACLE HOME like http.conf , jserv.conf, zone.properties .. are stored in this their respective directories under template directory.

So template file to create httpd.conf is stored in $FND_TOP/admin/template
similarly template file for jserv.conf will be in

In these directories you will see file like httpd.conf or jserv.conf with parameter like
ApJServGroup OACoreGroup 1 1 %s_weboh_oh%/Apache/Jserv/etc/jserv.properties (in jserv.conf under template directory)
ServerAdmin applmgr@%s_domainname% ( in httpd.conf under template directory)

Now when Autoconfig executes , its picks up these files & replaces parameters like
%s_weboh_oh% & %s_domainname% from Autoconfig Configuration File i.e. Context file or XML file of format SID_HOSTNAME.xml (Discussed in previous post)

So in my case for vision instance in xml file has these values
s_weboh_oh is /u01/applmgr/VIS11i/ora9/iAS
s_domainname is co.in

that's how all my configuration files are created on execution of Autoconfig .
Now there is one issue on executing Autoconfig file i.e. If you have put in some customization in any of these files it will be overwritten by Autoconfig.

How to preserve customization ...
important parameter/tags in xml context file
How to change Hostname or Domain name of Apps Server
Coming in future posts ....

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