Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Install Oracle Apps

This Post will Contain broad level steps of Oarcle apps Installation , this is just for Overview or High level step for Installing Apps. For details & exact commands refer to Oracle Installation Guide mentioned at bottom of this post .

Pre Instalaltion Steps

Check System requirement:
Software Requirenet : like ar, ld, make, gcc, make, Xdisplay - (Unix), MS C++, MKS
Toolkit (Windows)
CPU : It depends on Size, no. of Users ... ( For Test Installation don't worry)
Memory : SGA, Concurrent Users ( Usually 2GB should be enough for testing)
Disk Space : 26 GB Application Tier and for database Tier (35GB Production DB,
65 GB for Vision DB )
Once prechecks are done create User ( Single User or Two user ), with Single user will install both application tier and database tier and for Two user user1(oramgr) will install & own Database tier & user2(appmgr) will install & own Application Tier. (If you don't knwo what is application or database tier please go through my previous post).
Install MS XML Parser 3.0 Service pack 4 (Only if you are installing Apps in Windows)

Start Apps Installation
go to nstallation software ( either mounted on filessystem or Via CD ) & run rapidwiz ( For windows its rapidwiz.cmd)
Use rapidwiz -restart (If your Installation fails anytime in between , Good feature which Oracle incorporated quite late ;-) lucky you are that this option is there )

Installer will ask you some questions regarding system answer them
For Installation Step by Step screens refer Guide mentioned at bottom of this post , chapter 2 page 30 to 57 ( Just 27 pages , Hope its not too much :) )

Post Installation ( Though these are not required for Testing How apps Installation work)
few things which you might want to do after Installation
Update PL/SQL Log and Out directory
Configure DB Init parameter
Login to Apps
Download jinitiator on client PC ( It will automatically prompt to install on client machine when accessing forms)

For full Installation steps please refer guide at http://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25516_08/current/acrobat/r115102ins.pdf

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