Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Startup Shutdown Apps Services

Startup / Shutdown Apps

In our next topic in learning Oracle Apps DBA , this post covers startup & shutdown of Oracle Application DBA

As you are aware by now there is Database Tier ( Database & DB Listener ) and Application Tier ( WebServer, Forms, Reports, Concurrent Manager, Discoverer, Apps Listener, OnetoOne Fullfillment Server )

Order of StartUp of Services Should be
First DB Listener, Database & then Application Tier Services

Order of ShutDown of Services Should be
First Application Tier Services then Database & DB Listener

Database Startup/Shutdown Scripts
Depending on your AD Version these will be in ORACLE_HOME / appsutil/scripts /SID_hostname
addbctl.sh database startup shutdown script
addlnctl.sh database listener Script


AD is for Application DBA
DB is for database
DLN is database listener
CTL is control

Isn't this easy to remeber ( Thanks to Oracle for naming convention)

Application Tier Startup/Shutdown Scripts
Depending on your AD Version these will be in

OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/ SID_hostname

adalnctl.sh Apps Listener Control Script
adapcctl.sh Apache/Web Server Control Script
adcmctl.sh Concurrent Manager Control Script
addisctl.sh Discoverer Control Script
adfrmctl.sh Forms server Control Script
adrepctl.sh Report Server Control Script
adstpall.sh Stop All Middle/Application Tier
adstrtall.sh Start All Middle/Application Tier

Where AD & CTL you already know now :) isn't it

adl stand for Apps Listener
apc stand for Apache
cm Concurrent Manager
dis Discoverer
frm forms
rep report

Do you know whats Use of Apps Listener ? Check else I will post it in future post .
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