Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cloning 10g AS

This is second post w.r.t. cloning Oracle 10g Application Server. For first post on overview of 10g Application Server Middle Tier cloning visit http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com/2007/08/cloning-staging-oracle-10g-application.html

This post covers basic understanding of staging (cloning) 10g Application Server both infrastructure and middle tier.

Assumptions with this cloning
1. You have 10g Application Server Middle Tier (Portal or BI type) and Infrastructure tier (OID, SSO, MR)
2. You have source instance (PROD) which you wish to clone to target instance (DEV/Test)

Broad Level Steps

A. Export Data from source Instance
1. Install Target Instance (Dev/Test) Infrastructure tier (Try to keep same OID realm as source instance prod)
2. Export User data from source OID Instance (using ldifwrite)
3. Export Group data from source OID Instance (using ldifwrite)
4. Export DAS data from source OID Instance (using ldifwrite )
5. Copy password file from source OID using ldap search command (Do this step if you want to retain similar password policy on target instance as source)
6. Export portal, portal_app, portal_public, discoverer5 and various other custom schemas from source instance
7. Export SSO data using ssomig utility from source instance
8. Export EUL (End User Layer) discoverer data from source using eulapi

B. Install Target Instance
1. Install Infrastructure tier (Keep OID realm similar to source instance)
2. Install Middle Tier

C. Clean/Clear/Delete Target Instance Data
1. Delete Users/Groups from target Instance using bulkdelete.sh (OID script)
2. Drop portal, portal_public, discoverer5 and various other schemas

D. Load data from source to target Instance
1. Load User/Groups from source to target using bulkload.sh (OID script)
2. Import SSO data using ssomig utility with option -import
3. Create portal & portal_public user using script wdbisys.sql & cruser.sql resp.
4. Create discoverer5, portal_app and various other custom schema
5. Import portal and other schema data using database IMP
6. Create any custom OC4J and deploy application from source to target instance
7. Import EUL data using eulapi

For step by step procedure on creating replica / clone of 10g Application Server Production Instance to Test Instance visit


Issue in Documentation
: Oracle Document mentioned above doesn't cover discoverer5 schema import/export so if you hit any issues with discoverer import discoverer5 schema

Cloning E-Business Instance integrated with 10g AS Portal,Discoverer, OID and SSO coming soon ...


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