Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cloning II

By reading my previous post about cloning you might have understood by now that Cloning Oracle Applications 11i E-Business Suite is method of creating replica of your source Instance.

Why I need a Clone ?
Your development team want to develop some custom functionality to Testing team want to test (load test/functional test) before taking some code to live system but they want exact replica of production apps 11i system including data. Answer to them is clone, Wish Oracle could release cloning of 10G Application Server Infrastructure Tier (Those who are supporting 10AS Portal/Discoverer can understand my pain )

Now lets explore what options/ methods are available for cloning
Till now (Aug 2006) there are two ways of cloning
Cloning 11i
Cloning 11i with Rapid Clone

Some DBA's asked me about cloning using Autoconfig (Yes earlier we used to do that but that is now automated & called as Cloning using rapid clone so rapid clone internally uses Autoconfig) Hope this answer their query.

so now question is why two ways of cloning
Well those who are not lucky enough to upgrade their system and are still on apps version 11.5.5 or lower & not autoconfig enabled have to use , Cloning rest other enjoy luxury of Rapid Clone.

Those who tried both cloning & rapid clone can explain how easy rapid clone is :-) (I am Lucky that all my Apps Instances are now on 11.5.8 and higher )

If you want to see how people used to clone earlier or if your system is 11.5.5 or lower & not yet Autoconfig enabled then you need this link

If your system is 11.5.6 or higher you need Metalink Note # 230672.1 , Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone

Now you enjoy reading above cloning document & tomorrow I'll discuss difference between Autoconfig & Rapid Clone & other Rapid clone feature .

Those who have requested for Backup, Workflow in 11i & other topics I am going to post after cloning & patching. If you need information on any other post , leave comment on any blog (I read all comments & definitely reply , so do leave comments )

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