Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Printing Overview

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Well lot of my readers were pushing me to write on printer configuration and I was dragging it since long but now as I have started getting lot of mails of printer step(either for certification or for interview) so finally I decided to start with Printers Basics & to understand printers in Apps Understanding these basics terminology is quite important.

Printer Drivers : As you see in last section under Install -> Printer Section, driver delivers command to printer about how to output a specific print style. You can understand them as series of instructions used by print style for a particular printer.
Example of Drivers is A4HPLJ4

Printer Style : Tells printer how printed output should look, for ex. Number of lines in page, width of line , whether header to print or not. A printer can have more than one style as long as printer supports it. If a print style is available & registers for a particular printer then only it will be visible to user (In some CM reports these styles are predefined and can't be changed)
Example of Print Style is A4

Printer type : is to identify printer by manufacturer & model number for ex. HP laser Jet III

Printer Type form in Apps ( Install -> Printer -> Types) associate Style with Driver Name .
For Ex. with Printer Type HPLJ4 , you see style A4 & driver A4HPLJ4

SRW - Stands for SQL report writer driver file, Thing to Note w.r.t. SRW Driver file is that
If a report is for online viewing, report uses SRW named by print style in print style form.
If a report is for Printing , report uses SRW driver named by oracle Apps printer driver in Printer Drivers form.

Almost all standard Printer Types, Printer Driver & Printer Style are preconfigured in Apps. You just need to register your printer with Applications .

A lot more on how to register printers in Oracle Applications , Pasta Printing & using XML for printer in next Updates ..

For those whose mails I have not responded yet , thanks a lot for your patience I will try to respond you all ASAP .

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