Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clone Apps 11i Instance

Another important & useful utility under AD_TOP which you and me as apps dba perform quite often i.e. Cloning Oracle Application 11i Instance.

Cloning is process of creating replica of your source apps 11i Instance ( lets say you have one apps Instance with name VISIONTST and you want to create similar instance ( including same patches & user data) like VISIONPRD then you will use adclone utility (Also called as Rapid Clone these days). In this case source Instance will be VISIONTST and target Instance will be VISIONPRD. There are lot for scenario in which you wish to clone your E-Business Suite 11i Instance , like you want to Test if everything is OK in Test & then after testing want to create Production instance or you want to move your Instance from one machine to other machine or if you are highly experienced Apps DAB you can use clone as staged environment during Upgrade to reduce downtime ( this concept is called as staged appl_top or staged patching/upgrade , p.s. this is different from shared APPL_TOP)

So here I am putting broad level steps you will use to clone apps instance .

Step1 . Prerequisites Steps you do before start cloning using rapid clone
1.1 Verify source and target nodes software versions
1.2 Apply the latest AutoConfig Template patch
1.3 Apply the latest Rapid Clone patches

Step2 . Clone Source to Target
2.1 Run preclone on DB tier
2.2 Run preclone on Apps or middle tier
2.3 Copy source file system to target file system
2.4 Configure db tier
2.5 Configure apps/middle tier

Step 3 Finishing Task
3.1 Update profile options
3.2 Update printer settings (If printers are not configured or you don't want to use printer you can skip this step)
3.3 Update workflow configuration settings (Important)

If you need to know about cloning steps in detail , please leave a comment on this post or drop a mail to me at v.sundeepreddy@gmail.com . For detailed steps check Metalink Note # 230672.1
In next post I will talk about Frequently Asked Questions in Apps 11i Interviews about cloning .

Don't forget to leave comment about what you want to hear & any confusion if you have in apps 11i.

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