Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to change Hostname on Apps Instance

You sometime have to change hostname or domainname of your Apps Instance , today's post list various options & things you need to note while changing hostname on your existing Apps Instance.

Use cloning for changing hostname or domainname
I am sure you might be surprised to see how cloning can change hostname or domainname , yes you are right cloning will not change host or domain name but cloning can be used to change pointers to old hostname or domainname in Apps Instance after changing hostname/domainname by operating system commands. Steps you have to do is

Run adpreclone on Instance where you want to change hostname/domainname
Release Unix/Linux machine to sysadmin for changing hostname
Run postclone with new hostname/domain with same SID to change new name into effect

Above method is easy & best which I can think .

Use Autoconfig to change hostname or domainname of machine hosting apps Instance
If Machine on which you want to change hostname/domainname is on application tier then you just change entries in $CONTEXT_NAME.xml
Change hostname or domainname using operating system commands
execute autoconfig on that Instance so that application tier register new hostname/domainname

If machine on which you want to change host/domain name also host Database Tier then you also need to Deregister database tier from Net Service Topology Model & Reregister it with new hostname settings.
If you want to learn more about Net Service Topology Model follow Metalink Note # 218089.1 Autoconfig FAQ Under Section Net Services Question 28 to 41

For exact steps on how to change hostname using Autoconfig follow Metalink Note # 338003.1 How to change the hostname and/or port of the Database Tier using AutoConfig

I recently completed OCA for Application Server Exam 1Z0-311 and will be sharing my experience with Oracle Certification for Application Server with you all. Stay tuned on Oracle Application Server Certification 1Z0-311 & lot more things.

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