Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Are you looking for Apps DBA training ? ( Free Ofcourse )
Are you a DBA and looking for Career or Job in Apps DBA ?
Are a Oracle DBA and interested in Learning Oracle Apps or want to become Oracle Apps DBA ?

then you are at right place

Image taken from Application Architecture Document

There is lot of Oracle Apps Training material available on net/Oracle Site at the same time lot of training Institutes are providing Oracle Apps DBA, Now its up to you if you want to learn E-Business Suite at your own or want a formal training as Apps DBA. Lets start with what all you should learn as an Oracle Apps DBA.

First thing is you should be Good in Oracle Database Skills and I assume you are already very good as DBA or don't need any formal training as DBA. To become Oracle Apps DBA first and important thing is that you should be very well familiar with Oracle Applications/E-Business Suite Architecture . Give as much time as possible Architecture & understand all basic component . Its few , Webserver (Oracle-Apache), Forms, Reports, Concurrent Manager, Discoverer and Database. (Discoverer you can skip & can read later but remaining are building blocks of Oracle Applications. Now where to find basic Architecture and related Architecture ?
http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25516_08/current/html/docset.html this link contain E-Business Suite but its hell lot of guide & you will not be able to finish it until you die. So from here Open Guide "Oracle Applications Concept" & read chapter 1 only that too just page 1 to 19 ( Only 19 pages & your Basics is done ) I think its not much . If you understand any thing in that put a comment on this Blog & I 'll definately Explain or Can even mail you .
So moving on to next part of your Oracle apps DBA training , you should know Installation. You can try installing oracle E-Business Suite on your test systems for that you can pick guide
Oracle Applications Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install In documentation location mentioned above . This might sound tough for first time but believe me it pretty simple , Everything GUI ( You can ignore creating Staging for Dump but if you are a oracle DBA you can do it pretty well ) Now if you encounter any Issues in Installation you can create Metalink Tar or if you don't have metalink Account you can post questions in Oracle E-Business Suite Forum .
So this conclude Two important aspects of your Oracle Apps DBA Training , I am again focusing on Architecture of Oracle Apps is very critical in APPS DBA Training. If you like above material & still want to read remaining parts of Oracle Apps Training like, AD Utilities for Patching (Very Important for DBA), Cloning, Upgrade wait for my Next Blog I will Update this blog as soon as I create tomorrow or day after , till that time clear your Oracle Apps Concept . Believe me learning Oracle Apps is very simple if you Study carefully & with Interest.

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