Friday, June 26, 2009

Oracle Apps DBA preparation II

I hope you have gone through Oracle apps 11i Architecture , installation & File system. If you are reading this post without reading Part I which is at then please first go through it first then only you can appreciate this post.

By Now You know Apps Architecture , Installation 11i Apps & you had a glance Filesystem of Oracle Apps Vision Instance (If you don't understand all directories in file system don't worry, It took 2 years for me to understand various directories in Apps 11i)

Next you should try is Start Stop Oracle application 11i Services .
Order of Startup is 
First Database Services & then Application Tier Services (Middle Tier)
Order of Shutdown is 
First Application Tier Services & then Database.

In order to check How to Start Stop Oracle apps 11i Middle Tier services & where are shutdown / startup script exist check

Database & DB Listener startup / shutdown scripts are under $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME or $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/$SID ( depending on your Apps 11i & AD version ) is used to control database . Start/Stop database is used to control database listener ( Note that database listener is different from Apps listener)

Try starting stopping services or better open startup / shutdown scripts to check what all they are doing (These are shell files & you can open them by any editor like vi in Unix & notepad on windows)

Apps 11i DBA preparation

As part of your Oracle Apps DBA training will include
roles & responsibilities of oracle Apps DBA.

1. Apps Architecture 
This is key topic & you should be very clear about Oracle Applications/E-Business Suite
11i components & Architecture. This is base of your knowledge & if you are not clear about
various components & uses it will be quite difficult in learning Apps.
Where to find Oracle Applications 11i architecture in Ocean of oracle Application
technical documentation. Well I agree with you go straight to and go through chapter 1 (Page 13 to Page 32 Just 20 Pages)

2. Installing Apps 11i
Next point in apps dba training is Oracle Apps 11i Install using Rapid Install preferably on Linux/Unix
Where to find Rapid Install 11i Oracle Apps Guide This is guide by Oracle for a start Chapter 1 & 2 are enough page 13 to p 63 is enough to understand Installation)
Where to find Discs / software for Oracle Apps 11i E-Business Suite : You can download it via or order it via your Metalink account . Once you got CD , please do install Apps atleast once in order to understand & to familiarize your self with Oracle Applications

3. Apps 11i File System/Software 
Once you installed applications 11i using above guide on Unix/Windows/Linux software then login as Operating System User & check directories while going through document Chapter 2 Applications File System (P39- 48) very important in understanding Database Server & Application Server Tier & various tops like DATA_TOP, ORA_TOP, APPL_TOP, COMN_TOP, AD_TOP....
If you know your applications 11i File system you know where to find particular component files & logs .