Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Autoconfig Config File

Yesterday I discussed about Autoconfig & way to execute it on DB Tier & Application Tier on Oracle Applications 11i.

By now you might be aware that parameters used to configure oracle Applications 11i are stored in XML file of format SID_HOSTNAME.xml in $APPL_TOP/admin directory. I have seen that most of Apps DBA's are scared of executing Autoconfig or Context file (Believe me even I was in start that was way back in 2004) but if you know parameters associated with context file & if you are sure that its set correctly set you should not be worried about executing Autoconfig ( Even still you are not convinced take a back up of File System & execute it ).

I am going to discuss how well this xml file is configured & what are different tags in xml file & few important tags which will be helpful to you in understanding your oracle Applications from Apps DBA perspective .

So xml file also called as context file or autoconfig configuration file stores configuration in these main tags for Application Tier
oa_context : For Start of Context file & context related information
oa_system : System related information under this there are further sections which I'll discuss in next post
oa_host : Information specific to local hosts like users, groups, Apps User, Groups..
oa_install : Installation related information like type of FS, Installation Location
oa_environments : environment specific information this tag has further subsections
oa_processes : this section is related to processes for forms, apache, reports, cm i.e. for all services
oa_custom : This section contain any custom setting (If any)
I'll explain subsections under this main section in my coming posts & few important parameters

Similar broad section you will see in Database XML files as well but different sub section & different tags under that specific to database .
Few Important tags in XML file ....
How to preserve customizations from Autoconfig ...
How to create or edit Autoconfig XML file ...
Coming in future posts

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