Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cloning I

Now I assume that you are familiar with

Overview & Architecture of Oracle apps 11i
Installation procedure of oracle apps 11i
File System & Various TOPs in Apps 11i
How to Start Stop various Services in Oracle Apps 11i ( like Apache, CM, Report, Apps Listener, Database, DB listener )

If not first please go through following topics to familiarize yourself with Oracle Applications 11i

from Today I will take tasks / roles which Apps 11i DBA perform like cloning patching , configuring using Autoconfig. So today lets start with basics of cloning .

In order to fully Understand cloning basics , I suggest you go through Chapter 6 , Cloning
at http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25516_08/current/acrobat/11iconcepts.pdf

Go through page (75 - 78) just four page to understand basics of cloning in Applications 11i . Various topics in that are Cloning Tools, Cloning Options , Rapid Clone Operations. This will give you overview of cloning oracle apps 11i steps . If you have any doubts in over view of cloning apps 11i instance , leave your comments .

In next post We'll take closer look at Cloning , rapid clone , difference between rapid clone & Autoconfig.

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